Distinctive by nature.
A specialist high-stakes dispute resolution and crisis management team, built on formidable experience, driven by ingenuity, and rooted in integrity.


Trusted guide
and fierce protector.

Setia’s lawyers have been at the forefront of major global crises over the last two decades, from the dot com bubble to the global financial crisis to the crypto winter. We know the lay of the land.

We know that no two cases are ever alike. Understanding and respecting the unique complexity, sensitivity, and challenge that each case brings, Setia draws on its formidable experience and knowledge to deliver expert legal advice and representation to clients embroiled in high-stakes commercial dispute and crisis situations, whilst remaining rooted to our core values of respect, resilience and reliability.

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Expert knowledge
and formidable

Setia prides itself on its ability to combine technical knowledge, commercial sensibility, and ingenuity, to help its clients find harmony in dissonance and solutions to crisis situations.

Through decades of experience, we have learnt to effectively navigate the world of high-stakes commercial disputes and crisis situations with speed and agility. Our ability to cut through the noise to get straight to the solution is what sets us apart.

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