Expert knowledge and formidable experience. Remaining rooted to our core values of respect, resilience and reliability. 

Our Philosophy

Setia embodies faithfulness to the law, loyalty to our people, and commitment to those who put their trust in us. Setia is both a promise and an aspiration that guides our pursuit of excellence.

Meet the team
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Respect is at the centre of who we are and what we do. Respect for the law. Respect for those who place their trust on us. Respect for the unique challenges that each case may bring. We believe our clients’ interests are best served when we approach every situation and every problem with humility, intellectual honesty and objectivity. The goal is always to deliver the best solutions and legal representation, without compromising on truth and integrity.



The power of not giving up. Our clients look to us for the same resilience and staying power that has helped our lawyers adapt and remain at the forefront of legal work in the past decades against an ever-evolving commercial, technological and legal landscape. We strive to apply that grit and resolve in every case we take on. We’ve been in this game for a long time and we’re here to stay.



Our clients trust us to deliver high quality legal advice and representation, often in time sensitive settings. We are the first ones they call, because they know their matter will be in good hands. We honor their trust with our commitment to provide service consistently, reliably, and when the case calls for it, discreetly.

Respect, resilience
& reliability

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